When Should Homeowners Purchase Pressure Washing Equipment?

-The cost of professional Residential Pressure Cleaning is affordable for the needs of most homeowners. The house itself may require pressure washing once every three to five years to prolong the life of the paint or siding. Vehicles are typically driven through a car wash now and then. Driveways, walkways, and exterior stairs are usually sprayed down with a simple garden hose. Under these circumstances, there is no need to purchase pressure washing equipment unless it is a preference.

When the Investment Makes Sense

Homeowners who have many possessions that need pressure cleaning, those who manage a substantial amount of land, and families that have livestock or horses on the property can save money by purchasing their own equipment for cleaning items with pressure. A homeowner who has two cars, a boat, the house, all-terrain vehicles, and a few outbuildings will cut washing costs with personal equipment. Those with trucks, trailers, motor-homes, campers, riding lawnmowers, and a backhoe or excavator will also save money. The best way to determine if the investment makes sense is to compare professional pressure washing costs to that of small and mobile cleaning equipment.

Selection and Training

Searching for the right size and features of equipment can be confusing. Review a few different models from separate manufacturers and ask the dealer many questions. Describe the intended uses and indicate frequency of washing to provide a general idea of the needs.

Ask for a demonstration if possible and enquire about training. The equipment will come with clear and detailed instructions and many manufacturers have informative videos on their websites to walk people through the process step by step. Before washing anything with pressure, practice using the equipment to learn how it operates.


It is wise to pre-soak surfaces with a detergent before washing to shorten washing time and save money on pressure washing chemicals. This will work well if the surface is rinsed before it completely dries. Decide if hot or cold water is best for the material and pay close attention to recommended amounts of pressure for specific surfaces. A painted home, for example, may begin to crack or peel if the pressure is set too high. Applying a coat of wax after cleaning will extend the time between washing and save even more money over the cost of hiring a professional to power wash every item.