Some Good Parenting Advice To Live By

You should be able to find a class that deals with your particular problem simply by asking around. There are classes on almost every topic imaginable. If you have a problem, it is likely someone else has gone through the same thing.

Going through a divorce can be hard on your self-esteem. Take the time to care for your own spiritual and emotional needs in order to better equip you to help your children deal with theirs.

34. Coordinate with your co-parent so that school events, functions and activities are covered. Who will buy the school pictures? Who will handle field trips? Who will work the fund-raiser? Who will work on the science project? Who will buy the school supplies? Who will handle the teacher’s gift?

I have been deprived of significant liberty interests including, but not limited to, loss of good name and permanent restraints on my activities. i.e. loss of free access to my child.

The health of your handovers is like a barometer of your co-parenting team. It will give you an indication of where the tricky stuff still lurks and it’s worth getting these healthy.

Keep up with skills obtained during the school year. If your child just learned how to write his name, then keep that skill going but do it in a fun way, like with chalk on the driveway or splatting it on a fence with a squeeze bottle of washable paint. Once you start thinking of different ways to do things, the ideas will flow.

Oftentimes, divorced (or divorcing) parents pull back on discipline during this difficult time, mistakenly believing that this will help their children better handle the situation. Most experts agree that this strategy can be harmful. Leniency during a divorce has the tendency to elicit a wave of new undesirable behaviors in children. Divorce is hard on kids. It can lead to feelings of hurt, fear and instability. The best way to get them through the changes ahead is to try and remain as predictable as possible in regards to your expectations, discipline style and punishment. With so many other things changing in their lives during a divorce, they need to understand that the rules (and their consequences) remain the same.