Parenting A Cranky Toddler

The so called “rebellious stage” is a new product that becomes apparent in the last one or two decades. It is not found anywhere in our human history.

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Go with your child on their first day. Its very tempting to allow school funded transportation to take your child to school, but know that they are a little person who for all their bravado might not be as comfortable as you might want to believe. Even though my son is bouncing off the walls and ready for school, I want him to be comfortable and not be afraid to go to school.

The times have made everything faster, with new things seemingly coming about daily. One good word of advice is keep up on it. Your children will. It’s good to watch for things that can be troublesome, and be prepared. And then there are those things that you can see will be good, and then attempt to encourage it into your family. You do have to improve on and revise what you already know not only at the beginning, but nearly every stage along the way to the end. One day you may yourself be giving your children parenting advice in addition to what they have observed their whole lives.

Your kids need to know what you expect and what they can expect if they veer off course. Don’t be wishy-washy or inconsistent with your expectations or discipline procedures. And remember, your children are depending on you to make them feel safe again. Take every opportunity to assure them that they remain your utmost priority, no matter what else is going on in your personal life.

The last sentence before we started getting into the ‘lovely stuff’ should be the warning bell to you, especially if you’ve done it. it’s the back-stop!

Secondly, it was researched and found that children who were hit by misguided but well-intentioned parents are later able to reach a well adjusted adulthood because of the love, nurturance and appropriate limit-setting they also received from their parents, not because of the physical violence they received.