HAOZI travel adapter, International power adapter Amazon.com

I like that this little Travel adapter B074CRS574 is compact and doesn’t require attachments. All of the different plugs are housed inside the adapter, and you simply push the country or area slider you need. Note: to retract the plug, you need to push 
the large button on the opposite slide of the plug selectors.  Even knowing this, I’ll try to retract them with the slider instead of the button–easy to forget. Other than that, it’s a great little adapter, it’s not super solid quality 
in the build, but it’s good enough. For the USB charging, know that an iPad requires about 2.1 amps to charge, an iphone about 1 amp. Not an electrician here, but each usb charger can go up to 2.4amps max with a total of 3.4 amps. If I understand that correctly, you’re not 
going to get a good charge if you’re using all the USB ports and trying to charge a couple of iPads plus other devices. 
This has accompanied me on a couple of international trips so far and I am quite happy with it. The night light has been useful for me and it is very easy to use. Easy and convenient travel kit for your electronic devices. The USB and 
plug covers all the bases. Pros:- Well made, it has taken a beating and still looks new  – Great design, no fiddling with loose bits that get easily lost – Has an easy to use slide with plug types next to each. The release button keeps the slide out plug from pushing back in when pressure is applied to plug the device in. – Has a fuse to protect your devices – Never felt hot to the touch when using it – Night light is pretty bright if you like that sort of thing (I do)