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Baby Gift Ideas – Consumer’s Favorite Baby Gifts

Posted on 29 December 2012

I can hardly think of a month that goes by that I don’t know someone that is having a baby. And you know what that means… time to buy gifts for kids, right?

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Now here’s the tricky part. Because we all seem to need to buy baby gifts so often, we want to keep the cost down, don’t we? But we also want the person to really like the gift, too. There is nothing more embarrassing than handing somebody a baby gift at a Baby Shower or at the hospital that you bought them in front of a bunch of other people and everyone thinking, “What a lame gift!”

So to save myself some embarrassment (and maybe you), I’ve done some research and thought I’d share with you a few inexpensive baby gift ideas that consumers have rated excellent…

1. Infantino Peek, Rattle and Teether. “Infantino Peek Rattle Teether includes 4 soft shapes with peek-a-boo windows.” It’s really cute. What’s better is that from the web sites I researched, 13 Consumers rated this toy to be excellent. It’s only $9.99 at Target and $9.86 at Walmart. Here is one of the reviews for this toy… “My six month old grandson loves these toys! They are perfect for the teether and he loves the colors and noise. They hold his attention for much longer than some of his other toys. They are easy for him to hold and shake. I would buy them again in a minute.”

2. “Bugs on Board”. Ok, it doesn’t sound good but hold on a minute while I explain. They are cute little bugs (dragonfly, grasshopper & ladybug) that attach to most infant carriers or strollers… and they shake, buzz and rattle. Consumers also rated this gift idea as excellent and it is also only $8.99… and can also be bought at your local Target store. Here is a review for this gift idea… “I don’t know what I would have done without these bugs. They kept my daughter entertained for hours while she was in her infant carseat. Now that she is in the larger carseat I have found other places to attach them because they are her favorite travelling toy. This is one toy that I will be saving for her memory box!”

3. Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope. This unique gift idea is also rated excellent and also can be bought at Target or Walmart. It is also very inexpensive. It’s only $12.99 at Target and $12.87 at Walmart. Here is one of the reviews… “I bought this last week in-store for my 6 month old daughter. She loves it! There are buttons on the inside of each of the handles. When baby pushes the button on the yellow handle, the light on top blinks yellow and a voice says, “Yellow.” When baby presses more than one button at once, the light blinks the combination of the two colors, purple, orange, or green, and baby hears the name of the color she has created. The toy speaks in English, Spanish, or French, and can also be set to run in musical mode, which makes the light blink in all colors to the rhythm of the song. Each handle has a different rubbery texture which is great for teethers and easy on the floor when baby drops it. The toy seems to be very durable and sturdy and takes AA batteries. Toy includes two volume control settings as well.”

Well I hope this helps you keep your dignity as you buy someone a baby gift that is both wonderful and inexpensive.

Hope Pope is the Owner of – a website that includes lists of only gifts that consumers have rated excellent. It’s an excellent resource site for when you need a gift for any occasion.

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