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New Year’s Resolutions For Kids – 10 Tips For Parents

Posted on 10 January 2013

Writing New Year’s Resolutions are a common topic, but as a parent you may be wondering if your children can write New Year’s Resolutions. The answer is yes, but there are some differences to adult New Year’s Resolutions for children activities.

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So what are the differences when helping children writing their resolutions? These differences occur because of children’s understanding and experience of the world, lack of experience on judging how long certain tasks or activities will take, or how much they will cost, and their lack of knowledge and experience of the process of choosing and achieving goals. These issues can create small or large challenges depending on the age, ability and personality of the child. These tips can help to smooth the journey for you as a parent, and your child.

1. Learning to choose, plan and complete a goal or resolution is a skill in itself. If your child is not familiar with goal setting, do not overwhelm them with the process. Help them set a very easy to achieve goal while they become familiar with the process.

2. Do not use the process to get chores done -that is a parent’s wish list, and will not normally be a desired goal for a child.

3. Help the child set a goal that is age appropriate, and within their ability. If it is too big, you could suggest they break it down into smaller goals.

4. If the child is young, or impulsive, chose a goal that does not take too long to achieve.

5. Expect obstacles, and help your child to work through them.

6. Be encouraging and supportive.

7. If you agree to help your child (for example with time or money), be sure to fulfill your obligation.

8. Help your child to state a clear, specific goal.

9. Help your child to identify the steps they will need to take to achieve the goal.

10. If your child does not achieve their goal, talk to them about their successes along the way, and what they could do differently either now, or when they set their next goal. Do not remind them of their ‘failure’. It is better that they view it in a positive light and want to try again.

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