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Is Your Baby is Suffering From Cough, Wheezing and Asthma?

Posted on 03 January 2013

Cough is a common health problem among babies. Some babies may have wheezing associated with cough; it does not mean that they have asthma. Coughing helps to open airways in the chest and throat, a thing to look after for child care.

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Major causes of cough include – colds, choking, bronchiolitis, smoke, hay fever, allergy, asthma, whooping cough, and pneumonia. Sudden coughing may be due to the chalking and this requires immediate medical attention. Whooping cough is an infectious disease and it can be controlled through vaccination. Cough started as a result of running nose and sneezing is normally allergic symptoms.

For wheezing doctors normally prescribe medications for asthma. If the asthma medication relieves the symptoms then they can decide the wheezing is due to asthma. Two types of medications can normally give for asthma – relievers and preventers. Relievers reduce the symptoms while preventers are used to prevent illness. Inhaler therapy is best for asthma as inhaler works straight to your lungs than any other parts of the body. Nebulizers can also used to get immediate relief. The doctor can also recommend a lung function tests to determine whether wheezing is asthma or not. Infants and toddlers cannot perform this test as it involves taking a deep breath and fast blow outs.

More than 80% of the cough and wheezing is due to the dust mites. Dust in the carpet, sofa, mattresses etc may create allergic problems to the kids. Avoidance of allergens and breathing exercises will helps to prevent wheezing and cough. Breathing exercises is not possible to the small babies. Family history of the baby is important to determine the reason of asthma. If the parents have allergic history then it might be transferred to the children also.

Bronchiolitis is one of the main reasons for the asthma. Kids with bronchiolitis include rapid breathing, cough, wheezing, and fever; in future these symptoms may leads to asthma. Severe coughing and wheezing may distress your baby. Difficulty in breathing during the night, color changes, fever, loss of appetite etc requires immediate medical attention. Even though with cough you’re taking the food or his activities are usual then no need for an urgent medical consultation.

Avoiding the situation that causing coughs is one of the major preventive measure that can be taken in case of kids. Avoid cold foods, fruits, carbonated beverages at the time of illness. Parents should avoid smoking especially the mother during the pregnancy. You can consult a good pediatrician for your baby’s allergic problem. Most of the hospitals have allergy test for identifying the allergic objects. Your pediatrician can give you advice on that matter.

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