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Top Tips For Travelling With Kids These School Holidays

Posted on 02 March 2013

If you are taking a short break or an extended holiday, travelling with kids whether it’s locally or overseas, requires a little more planning to ensure everyone enjoys the vacation. Below are some child safety tips to help you have a relaxed enjoyable holiday if you are travelling with your children these holidays.

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If you are travelling by car for any length of time, boredom is one of biggest things to deal with. Children don’t have a good grasp of time therefore an hour trip can seem as long to them as 3-4 hours to an adult. Keeping them entertained will mean the trip will go faster for them, and you. Having an array of activities for them will help to keep them occupied. You’ll find activities online you can print out, pack some of their favourite books, and charge up any handheld devices.

If you are travelling by rental car or motorhome, choose vehicles that have dvd players installed so the kids can watch their favourite movies during the trip. Check with the car hire company about whether they provide the movies, and if not, don’t forget to pack some. Keeping their favourite toy handy will also help keep them company, and give them comfort when they are settling into new surroundings.

Keeping your kids well fed along the way is also an important part of keeping everyone happy. Packing a variety of snacks, including pre-cut fruit, to eat along the way will keep the hunger pangs away, freezing a bottle of water to keep in the container will help keep the snacks cool during the summer.

Plan plenty of breaks along the way to let the kids stretch their legs, have a little run around, and get some fresh air. This is will be easier if you are travelling by car, however it becomes a little trickier when you are travelling by plane as you are subject to strict timetables, procedures, and regulations. Making sure the kids understand the procedures will help them understand part of the process, and if you can make a game out of it, will also help keep them happy after many hours on a plane.

Packing a bag of essential items such as a change of clothes, handy wipes, a book to read, extra activities, and even a special treat for good behaviour will be well worth the effort. A camera for each the kids will also provide them with an opportunity to capture some special moments during their vacation, and it’s a lot of fun to have them developed after you get home.

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