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Pillow Pets – Should You Buy Them For Babies?

Posted on 12 February 2013

People have been in love with Pillow Pets since they came out in 2003. Those lovable little pillows for kids were so hot at one time, that during the 2009 Christmas season, when they were being sold out over the place, some people were paying over a hundred dollars for them so their child could have their Christmas wish of owning one as gifts for kids.

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But with so many of these pet pillows being sold you may want to ask yourself how safe are they and should babies be allowed to have them? These are questions I asked myself. I don’t have any young kids to buy them for, but I do want to recommend them to friends and family that do have small kids. I myself find them extremely adorable. So I did some research to see what I could find.

Results Of My Research

In my research of the Pillow Pets I found that they have no small parts that can be swallowed by babies who just love to put things in their mouths. And speaking of putting things in their mouths, these plush animal pillows for kids are made of soft chenille and have no chemicals that can be harmful to kids.

They are also very durable and made in such away that they won’t just fall apart. Each of the Pillow Pets animals comes in two different sizes, 11″ and 18″. So if you’re purchasing for a baby and afraid there’s a danger of the baby being smothered with the large size, you can just get the smaller size.

My Conclusion

I think that these kids novelty pillows are safe for kids of all ages and that includes babies. As with anything there’s always a little danger, but that’s just part of life. From the reviews I have found, kids and parents both absolutely love their Pillow Pets and are very glad they got them.

If you want to know more about Pillow Pets, just click the link and find out what parents who bought them thought of them and where to buy them cheap. I think these have got to be the best pillows for kids. It makes me wish I had someone to buy them for.

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