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Is the Flu Shot Safe for My Baby?

Posted on 28 December 2012

I visited my “woman doctor” for the last visit today, the appointment previous to this I had asked about receiving the flu vaccine but was informed they were not ready to give out yet. This time, however, my favorite cheerful nurse whom took my weight as well as examined my hypertension levels decided to grab the vaccine for me while guaranteeing me it’s women who are pregnant who get the shot first due to the fact that is was more or less a ‘two for one’ deal; the baby and the mom getting it in one shot for child safety.

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The immunization itself had been rather painless, I had one previously while at a new temp position, however, this time there were some soreness from my right shoulder, on the shot spot. The pain was there four days after, which left a bad impression on me of flue shots.

At any rate, as soon as I mentioned to my mother not to embrace me so tightly near the shoulders. She looked at me accusingly. If perhaps you’ve got a mom or some form of female mother figure then you’ll recognize the face I mean. And you will roll your eyes thinking about it. From her look it was apparent that she didn’t believe in the flu shot.

I recall saying before, in another post, that pregnant females get sick a lot more frequently when compared with non-pregnant females, and whenever they’re sick they are usually a lot more sick than they might have been prior to getting pregnant.

It seems reasonable to assume if you’re pregnant and you contract the flu you are certainly going to deal with medical problems as differently compared to if you were not carrying a baby. Troubles such as pneumonia are a major concern mainly because the signs and symptoms of pneumonia (for example dehydration) and others become deadly for you personally as well as the baby. Whereas getting the flu vaccine provides the child protection when they’re born. Which is very important considering that children can not be given the flu shot before they’re Several months old.

Seems like a justification to get vaccinated if you are pregnant. Then for what reason did my mom show me that look?

I created a list here of the reasons why some individuals may perhaps reconsider the flu vaccination.

It is statistically ineffective; Studies show the flu immunization is not exceptionally beneficial. Scientists must essentially ” speculate ” of which specific flu virus might be active that year. There tends to be several strains going around, but vaccinations consist of simply 3. There’s also not-statistically-significant decline in flu virus infections yearly, implying the vaccine doesn’t significantly help: about 3 percent of folks that aren’t given the flu shot acquire the flu virus, 2 percent that were vaccinated do. This is crazy. We are looking at simply a one percent difference! Is it worth it?

Its content has thimerosal; The horrible toxin in which some individuals are blaming for autism (which, however, I don’t think it is accurate, however, who can know for sure) Yes, when you get any flu vaccination, you will be inserting mercury, as well as aluminum, plus a a host of additional toxic elements into the system. These can cause nerve damage along with deteriorate the defense mechanisms.

Could cause or increase illness and/or seizures; Going the hospital itself can expose you to viruses simply because you around sick people. Studies have also found an increases in seizure risk.

Prefer to help keep your boys and girls stay protected? Never give them a flu immunization. A written report last year established that youngsters whom gotten the flu immunization and also had asthma were more likely to experience flu complications and then be hospitalized than those who didn’t receive it.

For anyone who is a healthy person, you are not more likely to come down with the flu virus, nor any kind of complications associated with it if you don’t get the shot. Certainly not to say in case your body’s immune system is in better condition (zero toxins), you will be less probable to get seriously sick.

Certain variations can easily allow you to give others the flu; Plan to bypass the shot and go with the spray? Poor idea. The mist edition can house a live virus for about a three-week period after you acquire it, therefore you will not become ill, although you will be able to pass the flu to anyone else you come in contact with!

The “side effects” of the flu shot can be approximately the same as getting the flu; Most common unintended effects can be fever above One hundred degrees fahrenheit, runny nose, in addition to a sore throat. Some individuals can even experience throwing up, diarrhea, etc. much like the flu virus!

You can find far better, healthier, more practical ways to prevent illness; In contrast to the “scientific community’s” philosophy (and I express that with quotations to make sure you understand the little respect I have for these people), there are more solutions to steer clear of the flu! Research shows that washing your hands, increasing a vitamin D intake, as well as other things will be able to prevent the flu, and / or minimize the effects.

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