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Contact Lenses Are Better Than Glasses for Children

Posted on 04 January 2013

Do your children need to use glasses? Are they annoyed at glasses? No problem, there is a nice alternative for them. Contact lenses are the alternative option for them because children are easily able to use these types of lenses instead of glasses like the adults for child safety.

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There is no need to say that glasses are easy to use. But it is not a secret that children hate them because it is really a burden for them and not using glasses will help the children to feel more sociable. Besides contact lenses have some practical advantages. They are able to provide excellent peripheral and crisper focal vision. These lenses are also safe to play sports and all other physical exercises.

Most of the doctors usually prescribe contact lenses for the children not less than 11 years old. You may be astonished to learn that there is no minimum age to use this type of lenses. Age is not really an issue for this purpose. But you have to assess the responsibility level of your children. You have to understand that the child is able to follow the instructions of a doctor every day and to take care of his or her lenses properly.
Recent few studies show that children are often more responsible to take care of their lenses than adults. For the first few weeks parents will be responsible to supervise children, to confirm that they are following the instructions of doctors properly.

Many parents are concerned about the safety of wearing contact lenses for their children. No need to be worried. According to the experts if the lenses are worn on a particular schedule, they are completely safe for your children. If you think practically, contact lenses are safer than glasses. There is no chance of breaking them during playtime and to cause a major injury to the children.

Contact Lens Safety Tips:

Clean and store the lenses regularly according to the doctor’s instruction.
Make sure that the children are wearing lenses on a schedule.
Don’t sleep wearing contact lenses
Don’t forget to wear tight goggles while swimming with lenses
If the lenses feel uncomfortable in the eyes, instantly take the lenses out
Due to the physiology of human eye, it is impossible to lose a contact lens behind the eye. The worst that can happen is when lenses fold in half and try to hide under the eye lid. It is simply recommended to close the eyes and softly rub it through the eye lids from the edges toward the center. Ultimately the lenses will shift and it will be removed easily.

Nowadays all the contact lenses are designed for comfort. Children who wear high-quality lenses report that it generally feels like there is nothing in the eyes at all. It is the time to take the lenses out, by the end of the day, when the eyes feel a bit dry and this is natural feeling.

So finally, do you consider contact lenses as a solution for your children? Just give the lenses a try and observe what the children comment about it.

Angelina Neal is an investigative journalist who writes about many health related topics, including issues that have to do with optometry and contact lenses.

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