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Numbers and Alphabets For Kids

Posted on 06 November 2012

You can teach your kids numbers and alphabets for a start. Always teach from the basic. Once they know the basics, you can then teach more for child education.

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1 to 10
Numbers include zero (0), is difficult to show kids the number as it means null, but we still need to tell them what it is. When teaching numbers, you something to represent the amount. You can use toys to represent a number. Example,
One (1) = 1 toy
Two (2) = 2 toys
And so on. This way, your kids will be able to remember better. Alternatively, use their fingers or toes; we have 10 fingers and 10 toes.

A to Z
There are 26 alphabets to learn. Represent an alphabet with object(s). Teach only one alphabet at a time. Example,
Teach “A” on Monday
- Draw an apple.
- As you point the apple, say “A” for apple.
Teach “B” on Tuesday
- Draw a ball.
- As you point the ball, say “B” for ball.

The same method continuously until all 26 alphabets is taught. Then proceed to more difficult examples on lesser days; combining two or more alphabet examples together. Example,
“B” and “P”
- Draw a pen. Say “P” for Pen.
- Color the pen blue. Say “B” for Blue.
- As you point at the drawing, say “Blue Pen”.
Drawing out what you want to say can be fun. And your kids will like it. Not only alphabets they are learning but sizes, colors and smells too. At times, you can include actions to make the lesson more interesting.

When your kids are familiar with numbers and alphabets; you can then combine them by making simple sentences of two words. Example,
One (1) Apple
Ten (10) Coconuts

And so on until they can tell you the quantity and object when you point or give to them. If they are not able to tell the answer, ask them to use their fingers to count. Alternatively, they can use their toes too. Learning numbers and alphabets is fun and is our basic knowledge. Why not start from young?

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