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Art is Important in a Child’s Development

Posted on 10 September 2010

Many believe that getting involved in the arts at a young age can make a difference in the lives of children. Research has shown that arts education can help with many developing skills. It may be a smart idea to have an art set available for child development.

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The initial thought is that art only helps with creativity and imagination. Different research has shown that art can help with many other developmental skills.

Art is believed promote and develop some of the following skills:

-Cognitive skills
-Creative abilities
-Problem solving
-Fine motor skills
-Social skills
-Sense of time and place
-Risk taking

Having art sets in the home can offer many benefits to you and your children. Art can help relieve stress in a child. Even children can suffer from stress and need ways to release it. Art can allow a child to freely be themselves and allow their imagination to flourish. It can also conquer boredom. Children will typically misbehave when they run out of positive things to do. Adding art as a daily routine can give you child structured and creative fun and also leave you to handle daily tasks.

Some research has shown that children that participate in art are more likely to excel in school. They are more likely to be elected as a class official and win an award for writing. There are many advantages to art and the skills that your child can benefit from. Add a new art set in your home and let your child have fun and develop.

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